Friday, November 09, 2007

Oops! Blogger available again!

Oops! Blogger and Google Page available now (in China)... I have suspend my post working for a long time~ :)

My first post to celebrate blogger come in china, would be an introduction of DevExpress and Rapture.

Since I have to use C# in company, I learned some interesting work from C# guys. DevExpress is the fantastic one! Here is the demo picture of DevExpress, check it and u will love it:

A new concept of GUI application, Ribbon comes, maybe Microsoft Office was the first guy introduced it. Instead of menus, Ribbon is provide a new vision of user experience. Here is the common structure of Ribbon:

Ribbon Page 1<-->* Ribbon Page Group 1<-->* Ribbon Button Group 1<-->* Ribbon Button

Quite similar to menu system, which has menu bar, menu list, menu item...

Rapture is a Screen Capture Tool that is developed by Raymond, me.. :) . To remember my first company, Hanna Strategy Ltd. , which would be closed next year.
Get Rapture from my gPage

It's only work for Windows, since I use MS C#, maybe one day I would migrate it to Mono C#.

  1. Start it, and got notify icon.
  2. Double click it to start Region Rapture, or right mouse click it to see the menu.
  3. When u are capturing, click the right mouse button or press enter to finish the job.
The most important feature of Rapture is multiply regional capturing, which allowed u capture several regions at one time.

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